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Download Mysql 5.6 Command Line Client [Updated-2022]




A MySQL command line client is also available for Windows and Linux. See the  . download mysql for windows 64 bit A: Linux: You can find all the MySQL and other related documentation at the MySQL Docs page ( Windows: You can find MySQL Installer for Windows at MySQL Installation. A: Note that the MySQL server is available on the following platforms: Linux Mac OS X Windows Solaris AIX FreeBSD You can download the correct package for your platform from MySQL Downloads. For linux, you can use mysql or mysql-client packages For windows, you can use MySQL Installer (an MSI installer package) or mysql-server-5.6-win32 For MacOS, you can use mysql-client-5.5.32-osx10.6-x86_64 For Solaris, you can use mysql-client-5.0.95-solaris_x86_64 For a complete list of the MySQL supported platforms, see the MySQL Installation chapter of the MySQL Server Reference Manual. See also: MySQL Installation Manual mysql documentation These package names are symbolic names for the actual packages: mysql for the command line client mysql-server for the server mysql-client for the client mysql-test-client for the client On Linux, you will also need a package named libmysqlclient for the mysql client library. ет найти в ней новую картинку, нажмите ОК и на момент когда приложение уже перезапустится откроется новая картинка. UPD2 Если программно не уменьшать размер картинок, �




Download Mysql 5.6 Command Line Client [Updated-2022]

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