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Introductory - Mon 6:30-7:30pm PT

Please read these information below thoroughly before signing up!



Mondays, 7/8-8/26 (8 weeks)

6:30-7:30pm PT (California time)


Class Structure:

- Students must be 18 and older to enroll!
- This is an online, interactive class in real time.

- Maximum number of students per group is 6.
- Students meet for 1 hour/ week for 8 consecutive weeks.
- Class is conducted and recorded through Zoom.

- Materials are shared through Google Classroom.



- Vietnamese Tones + Alphabet & How to say common greetings

- Countries + Occupations & How to introduce yourself

- Numbers & How to count


Learning Outcome:

By the end of this course, you will be able to listen, read and write in Vietnamese, as well as to speak fluently on various occasions, for example, when you greet other people, or when you introduce yourself (name, age, nationality, languages you speak, occupation, favorite food/drink, favorite place to travel, phone number...)


Class Policies:
  • Attendance plays a critical role in student success, therefore, all students are expected to attend classes and arrive on time.
  • If you're absent due to sickness or an emergency situation, please notify me in advance! You're welcome to join other group classes offered in the same week. If not, one-on-one make-up class may be offered at a discounted price.
Study Time
  • 1 hour of class time requires approximately 2-3 hours of at-home study time, including reviewing in-class materials, re-watching class recordings, memorizing vocabs, completing homework,... so please plan accordingly!

Introductory - Mon 6:30-7:30pm PT

Only 6 left in stock
  • This course is non-refundable.

    Only enroll and pay for this course if you're serious about learning and certain that you can commit during the time frame of the course.

  • Within 24-48 hours of successfully payment, Trâm will text/email you to confirm your payment! Trâm's email is and phone number is ‪(408) 345-5386‬.

    Keep an eye out for my confirmation! Check your spam folder!

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