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Jul-Aug Group Classes

Email me for Level 2-4 classes!

Vietnamese Courses
Teacher Bio

About me
When I was little, I’ve always dreamed to be an English teacher. However, after moving to the US at the age of 14, I wanted to preserve and spread awareness about my Vietnamese culture to other people. And eventually, life has led me to become a Vietnamese teacher. 

I graduated from University of California, Irvine with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Economics and a minor of Psychology and Social Behaviors. 

Work Experience

I’ve been teaching Vietnamese and being a Vietnamese content creator full time for over 2 years. Before that, I was a Vietnamese mentor in the Vietnamese Mentorship program in college and a Vietnamese teacher at a local temple in high school.

Jennifer N.

I really enjoyed this class! You're a great teacher! I liked your analogies for what the words or tones should sound like, demonstrating how to shape our mouth, all of that was really helpful. It helped me understand pronunciation and made spelling easier. A lot of things that I never understood growing up make more sense now! lol I had fun and learned so much. I'm looking forward to Level 2. My family can already tell the difference in my speaking. Thank you so much Tram! <3

Allison N.

As a fellow teacher, I LOVE how you organized the class, had all of us practice speaking in class, and how you set up the homework. I am taking inspiration for my own classes!! I noticed that even after a long day at work, whenever I had your class, I felt energized and excited by the end of our class time. I feel proud of what I am learning/relearning here. You are so sweet and knowledgeable, I really cannot emphasize how much I enjoyed this class! Cảm ơn nhiều!!

Julie T.

I want to say thank you for offering this class. I have always been self-conscious about not knowing very much Vietnamese, especially talking to my family and not speaking it correctly. I know I still have a lot of work to put in on my skills but I think this class was a good starting off point. I have tried in the past learning through apps but it has all been through northern dialect, so it has been difficult to learn since I am only familiar with southern dialect. Thank you for all the hard work you put into teaching these classes.
  • What is the Level 1 Class Structure?
    Students must be 18 and older to enroll! This is an online, interactive class in real time. Maximum number of students per group is 6. Students meet for 1 hour/ week for 7 consecutive weeks. Class is conducted and recorded through Zoom. Materials are shared through Google Classroom.
  • Will there be Level 2 and more?
    Yes, Level 2 and more will be offered depending on the numbers of interested students. Level 1 (Introductory to Vietnamese) will be offered year-round.
  • Can I be placed in your Level 2+ without taking your Level 1?
    Yes, you may take my Level 2+ courses if: you receive 80% or more on my Level 1 Assessment. Email me for more details! you took a Vietnamese course somewhere else before and can read, write, listen, speak and have a basic understanding of Vietnamese language. However, you still need to pass my Reading/Writing/Listening and Speaking test first before being officially placed in Level 2+ courses.
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