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Child Curriculum (grade 3-12) NOW AVAILABLE!

Next Round of Group Classes @ Jan-Feb 2024!

Level 1-3 available! Contact me to be assessed for Level 2+!

  • What is the Level 1 Class Structure?
    Students must be 18 and older to enroll! This is an online, interactive class in real time. Maximum number of students per group is 6. Students meet for 1 hour/ week for 7 consecutive weeks. Class is conducted and recorded through Zoom. Materials are shared through Google Classroom.
  • Will there be Level 2 and more?
    Yes, Level 2 and more will be offered depending on the numbers of interested students. Level 1 (Introductory to Vietnamese) will be offered year-round.
  • Can I be placed in your Level 2+ without taking your Level 1?
    Yes, you may take my Level 2+ courses if: you receive 80% or more on my Level 1 Assessment. Email me for more details! you took a Vietnamese course somewhere else before and can read, write, listen, speak and have a basic understanding of Vietnamese language. However, you still need to pass my Reading/Writing/Listening and Speaking test first before being officially placed in Level 2+ courses.


"I have an excellent teacher. Not only does Tram help me with pronouncing letters, words and numbers, she also makes it very easy to remember. I honestly enjoy my classes and always look forward to them every time."


Tram’s Level 1 Vietnamese course was such a phenomenal, well thought-out, organized and fun course! The online group classes really stimulate that of a real classroom and I like that I can practice beginner conversations with my classmates. I’ve been telling all my friends and family about the course. My parents have been really impressed at how much my articulation has improved! Excited for Level 2!


"Learning with Tram is fun. She explains the difference between Northern and Southern accents; for me, I'm particularly focusing only on the Southern accent, but I imagine for people looking to know everything about the language, this would be very helpful. So far Tram has included not only language lessons but also cultural lessons, which is a very important part to learning as well!"
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